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FORCE 原力精密儀器

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 wafer size  2-inch and 4-inch
 wafer type  PW, PR, AEI, ADI
 scan method  area scan
 resolution  1.4um, single pattern loss detectable
 throughput  60 wph for 2-inch/40,000片per month
 detectable micro defect type  pattern loss, contamination (particle)
 detectable macro defect type  burning, comet(箭影),scratch, fiber(毛屑),
 robot loader YES
 pre-aligner  YES
 ID reader(雷射刻號)  YES
 auto focus  YES
 sensitivity adjust  YES
 stage number  8, 4-in 4-out with sorting (12 optional)
 review camera  0.28um resolution
 foot print  160cm x 130cm
 weight  500kg
 power  220VAC, 1200W


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