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FORCE 原力精密儀器

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STEP series





 Targeting microscopic camera  USB microscope, 4mm FOV [90Xwith15in.Monitor] 
 640x480-pixel (1/3in.) camera, Fixed magnification
 2mm FOV [180X with 15in. Monitor]  (optional)
 Probe tip radius  5μm; 2μm (optional)
 Scan length range  1mm; 10mm (optional)
 Vertical scan range  15μm;30/80/200 μm (optional)
 Probe material  Diamond coated
 Contact force  0.1mg to 50mg
 Sample stage dimension  4”; 6”; 10”; 20” or customized
 Recommended sample thickness  ≦10 mm
 Computer system  CPU:1GHz ; RAM: 2G ;  USB 2.0×3
 Software  Scan control software
 Profile measurement software
 Report generator software
 Vibration isolation  Vibration filter software
 Vibration sensor
 Vibration isolation table
 Auto XY stage  Yes (optional)
 STEP-4      載台尺寸:4吋  STEP-6      載台尺寸:
 STEP-10      載台尺寸:10吋  STEP-L      載台尺寸:20吋






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