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FORCE 原力精密儀器

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Targeting microscopic camera  8mm FOV [100X with 15in. Monitor]
Probe tip radius 5μm2μm(optional)
Probe material  Diamond coated
Stylus force  0.1- 50mg
Sample stage dimension  75mm x 75mm
Recommended sample thickness 10 mm
Recommended sample weight 50g
Computer system  CPU:1GHz ; RAM: 2G UP; USB 2.0
Software  EZSTEP software running under Windows XP or later
 Profile measurement software
 Report generator software
Vibration isolation  Vibration filter software
 Vibration sensor
 Vibration isolation table (optional)
XY manual linear stage travel distance  25mm*25 mm
Vertical measuring range  15 μm (typical,13.5μm); 30μm (optional)
Vertical measuring resolution  2Å (least significant bit)
Step height repeatability  0.5nm+0.1%Step Height
Horizontal scanning range  1mm(typically, 900um minimum)
Horizontal measuring resolution  1um at 500 scan points to 0.1um at 5000 scan points
Data points per scanning line  500,1000,2500,5000 points
Scan speed  1um/sec to 100um/sec
Step analysis  Point-to-point, Avg. step height
Roughness and waviness analysis  Ra,Rq,Rp,Rz,Ry,Rmax,Wa,Wq,Wp,Wz,Wy,Wmax
Filter  Moving average, Low pass, High pass
High order flatten  Yes
Raw data export  YES
 (formatted text file,XPS,Excel and Matlab compatible)  
Scan report generator  YES
Facility Requirements  
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.2A , 60W 
Dimensions  270mm W x 280mm D x 250mm H
Weight  10kg
Temperature range 10 to 30
Humidity range 65%


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