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FORCE 原力精密儀器

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 Operation mode  AC mode/ DC mode
 Topography imaging  YES
 Amplitude/Phase imaging  YES
 Force curve chart  YES
 Sample/probe approach  Automatic
 Probe tuning  Automatic
 Detection principle  Optical lever
 Scan range  Scanner A: 15 μm × 15 μm × 2 μm*
 Scanner B: 100 μm × 100 μm × 10 μm
 Background noise *  0.04 nm rms in vertical direction
 Lateral accuracy  1% closed loop scanning
 Scan speed  0.1 to 3 Hz
 Simultaneous images  4
 Optional functions  MFM、EFM、PFM、C-AFM、SThM
 AD/DA resolution  16-bit
 Feedback control platform  Real-time FPGA
 Independent laser switch  YES
 Computer interface  RJ45 internet, USB optional
 Sample size  2”
 Sample translation  Manual XY, 12.5mm*12.5mm
 Auxiliary top-view   400´OM + CCD
 Real-time line flatten  YES
 Line profile measurement   YES
 Roughness measurement  YES
 Contrast/brightness   YES
 Multiple color palettes  YES
 3D image  YES
 Line average  YES
 Image export  bmp file
 Raw data export  txt file
 Image size  64 to 4096 pixels
 Raw data export  for Matlab, Excel, Gwyddion and WSxM


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